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Sake is not just Japan’s national beverage but it also occupies a proud place in the life of common Japanese. There are around 1600 Sake breweries in Japan, making varities of Sake for the world. Bishan Kumar made a trip to the cultural capital of Japan, Kyoto and vsited some sake breweries to give us an idea about how Sake is made.

It  is difficult to imagine life without alcohol, because civilisation would drive us mad, once said a sane man. Thankfully we are blessed with masters, creating beautiful liquid poems in the bottles. We, ordinary humans, just need to reach out to them and make our life better. And to explore further on this feel, I reached out to explore the beauty of sake through my trips to some sake breweries in the cultural capital of Japan, Kyoto, which is a sister city to our very own Kashi (Varanasi). Kyoto, an ancient city with long history, was always on the list of world travelers for its innumerable temples and shrines ;most famous of them being Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kinkakuji, Kiyomizu-dera,Ninna-ji Temple and many more. I could pay my obeisance to only a few of them due to paucity of time, but I promised to return to this lovely city soon, along with my family.

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