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Digital promotions play a crucial role for each of William Grant’s brands. India will see more than half a million internet users, reaching as many as 627 million within this year. This is a big opportunity for the brand, says Payal Nijhawan, Head of Marketing – William Grant & Sons India Pvt. Ltd.

When it comes to digital marketing, the level of brand exposure available through the right event sponsorships or brand partnerships can be huge as it can target the right audience profile and enables the brand to bring experiences to life. These are things that money can’t buy, are memorable and highly shareable. “Moments are now the currency with which brands must trade, especially with savvy millennials,” shares Payal Nijhawan, Head of Marketing – William Grant & Sons India Pvt. Ltd. Recently, Grant’s collaborated with the Irregular Art Fair, where the bar was a creation inspired by artists EF Dot and Type Thug; blending right into the fair. “India being a market that celebrates no matter how small or big the occasion, Grant’s connected with consumers during Diwali with an online campaign of #CallDiwaliHome where consumers could win a Grant’s experience for their house parties. This, she says, was built around the positioning of ‘Stand Together’ where the core audience comes from community-minded cultures, where the emphasis is on We, not Me.