Mohan Meakin is producing iconic rum, Old Monk, for more than 60 years. It is popular among all segments of society. Now the company has come up with Old Monk The Legend Rum. This super premium rum has been developed for rum connoisseurs from Mohan Meakin’s golden treasure of matured spirit.

By developing the super premium version of Old Monk, Mohan Meakin has conveyed to rum drinkers all over the world that it is capable of creating a quality blend from its huge stock of matured spirit.

To give iconic look to the new rum, its bottle has been designed in  the  monk  head shape. Mohan Meakin does not see any competition for Old Monk The Legend Rum which has created its own segment. The pricing and blend of the new rum are its USP.

Old Monk The Legend Rum has already been sold more than its target, and the company is finding it difficult to meet the growing demand for it.