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Bike on fast lane in India- Interview of the Week

Natures Bounty Wines & Allied Products Pvt. Ltd, an independent venture of Amit Burman, Vice Chairman of Dabur India Ltd & Founder-Director & Chairman of Lite Bite Foods, has brought to India some of the choicest selections of wines from major wine growing regions across the world. The company has recently forayed into a new segment by importing the Italian wine-based ready to drink product called Bike, which was introduced in Delhi this year. In a chat with Spiritz, A.S. Wadhwa, CEO & Executive Director of Natures Bounty Wines & Allied Products Pvt. Ltd, who has years of experience in the wines and distilled products industry, leveraging his expertise in capturing new brand markets, talks about Bike RTD and what it means for the Indian market.

In an age of evolving tastes and consumer categories it is not surprising that brands leave no stone unturned in targeting every buyer segment. The latest is Bike, a wine-based ready to drink product from Italy which is imported by Natures Bounty. Bike is a blend of quality Italian red or white wine with soda and having an alcoholic strength of 6.5%.

According to A.S. Wadhwa, the main consumer for this product is the average buyer who is looking for a moderate drinking experience without the overwhelming taste of a pure alcoholic drink. ‘Bike compliments all types of food, ranging from snacks to heavy meals and from spicy to non-spicy, and given its low alcoholic strength, it has an edge as an ideal day time drink as well,’ explains Wadhwa.



Wadhwa and his team have already proven their excellence by creating a good market for many international products. Like, the blended Scotch whisky “Kuchh Nai” was launched in India in 2011 by Natures Bounty and since then it has been growing impressively in the targeted markets. It is priced at Rs 1,700 (Delhi MRP) for a 700 ml bottle. Bike Srl, the company that makes Bike, was born with the vision of reviving old recipes to launch new drinks, while focusing on one segment. The year 2013 marked the arrival of wine and soda resulting in Bike. ‘Bike white wine-soda and red wine-soda represent an original combination based on wine and soda. They celebrate the historic and traditional recipes of grandparents, revisiting traditional flavours while staying current always. Blending freshness with memories, elegance with youthfulness, Bike is meant to satisfy the needs of every consumer and introduces them to new ways to drink Italian,’ says Wadhwa. Bike is sold across the world in nine varietals and only two of them have been introduced in India. Some of these global varietals include: GASSOSA – A traditional Italian product made using five varieties of lemons, carefully dosed for a balanced taste, with additions of extra-fine sugar. Mixed with spirits, it makes for an excellent cocktail, according to Wadhwa. SPUMA BIONDA – Very popular in Tuscany, this is made from rhubarb with peels of oranges and vanilla that lend unique freshness. ARANCIATA – This one is made from juicy Italian oranges and is considered to be an iconic drink. LIMONATA – Made from Sicilian lemons, this drink is a tribute to age old recipes meant to quench the thirst on a hot summer day. Slightly sour in taste, it is best had with special cocktails. POMPELMO FRAGOLA – A blend of pink grapefruit and strawberry, this drink is considered ideal for a hot summer days and is best mixed with vodka, rum or gin. SPUMOTTO – This is the ultimate nostalgic tribute to the past Italian way of life, and is aimed at helping the consumer rediscover old flavors. TONICA LEMONGRASS – A blend of pure and crystalline tonic water and lemongrass extract, this is an ideal companion to quality gin and other spirits. The Bike varietals available in India include Vino Bianco E Gassosa and Vino Rosso E Gassosa. These respective white wine-soda and red wine-soda combinations represent the blend of tradition with innovation and are considered suitable for any occasion. Priced at MRP Rs. 230, these are set to go pan India soon. Wadhwa, sharing his outlook for the RTD brand in the Indian market says, ‘Bike enhances the drinking experience even for the reluctant drinkers, the first timers and those looking for a sober drinking experience. As it is Italian wine based, it comes with the perfect combination of fizz and low alcoholic strength while being refreshing on the palate.’ So the future, according to Wadhwa, certainly looks rosy for this RTD brand.