Radico Khaitan’s Magic Moments Electra is a unique offering in the RTD segment. This vibrant vodka-based international cocktail has been launched in colourful unique flavours of Appletini, Cosmopolitan, Agent Orange, Starry Night Martini and Mojito.

The RTD category had only a single strong player Bacardi Breezer for over a decade. Attempts to launch pre-mix whisky as well as rum by few brands didn’t resonate well with the consumers. Radico identified a need gap and leveraging the brand strength of its Magic Moments vodka launched Magic Moments Electra.

The offering is unmatchable in terms of product flavour and taste. The flavourful, all-natural blend of Magic Moments Electra, with no artificial colours/flavours is unique. Another USP is its 8% alcohol content which has been opted to tap into that TG which prefers strong drink, as is reflected in the beer industry whose 80% market is for strong beer.

Interesting flavours, 8% alcohol content, unique pull-off cap, attractive packaging and a robust marketing plan, helped Radico successfully create a niche in the RTD segment with Magic Moments Electra.The RTD has been very well received by trade and consumers alike across markets, both  in off-premise and on-premise outlets.

To establish Electra’s connect with the young TG, a unique digital game, Electrathon, was created for varied platforms. The game strengthened consumer engagement by highlighting the brand and its uniqueness. It also created awareness about the premium imagery of the brand in the minds of the TG.

The game drove digital traffic by up to 1198% in some cases with 40 thousand unique visits and over 9 lakh impressions.