UP government is mulling on initiating a progressive step, which not only has the potential to give a boost to the state’s exchequer but can also facilitate in relaxing the stronghold of societal taboo on the purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The excise department of UP has been working on a proposal that will allow sale of beer and high quality liquor (liquor which costs Rs.3500 per bottle) across multiproduct retail chains and also at supermarkets housed in malls and shopping complexes. This step, if implemented, can also facilitate more alcoholic beverage purchase among women, who rightly feel uncomfortable in picking up a bottle from the caged liquor shops, by jostling with the largely unruly crowd and may also encourage tourism in the state of UP.

The proposal needs to be cleared by a competent authority before it can be implemented. However, there is no proposal to set up stand-along liquor shops in malls in UP.