Mixology nowadays can be easily construed as an art form. Times are changing so are food & cocktails. Every year, new and interesting experiments are being made behind the bars. Consumers are becoming more demanding and are now hard to please by just fix & pour theory of old times. From classic cocktails to molecular to signature serves to culinary cocktails, we have come a long way and there seems to no stopping of this freewheeling spirit in the near future. Diageo Reserve Global Cocktailian Lauren Mote wrote in her take on new cocktail trends that cocktail culture is skyrocketing internationally. Almost 9 out of 10 millennial alcoholic beverage
drinkers (88 percent) enjoy cocktails on a night out. With the Middle-East and Latin America now being represented on the World’s 50 Best Bar list, the cocktail revolution is spreading around the globe. Bar staff across the planet are bringing in new ideas, techniques and cultural influences, and the result is leading to a dynamic, fast-paced industry where new concepts are emerging fast and inspiring people to drink better. The renowned Brian Van Flandern who has created cocktails for Thomas Keller and Geoffrey Zakarian, says that cocktail bars may soon be featuring spirits that are specific to a single country and also Champagne-based and other wine-based cocktails which are easier to pair with meals will gain popularity next year. Our own mixology guru, Shatbhi Basu has an interesting take on the future of cocktail scene in India. She feels that we may think that some cocktails will go out of fashion but they would be back. Like we had lost the Tom Collins, Gimlet and Brandy Alexander but now they are back into demand. Cocktails, she says, are cyclic and they have a tendency to bounce back after a few years! Let us say cheers to this trend.