We always try to find an excuse to drink wine, but there are actually certail international days to celebrate specific wines. Some of these dates are celebrated world over by the wine lovers while some are just made up by the enthusiast, though these still see huge celebrations in many wine loving countries.

Therefore , there are plenty of dates on the wine lovers’ calendar that call for wine consumption. It may be as generic as that—see below—but many holidays celebrate a specific wine grape or way of serving wine. In fact the “varietal” wine days seem like the best ideas, and clever marketing ploys to get the public interested in, or purchasing more, of a particular varietal.

In case you don’t already have the dates, here I provide a substantial list:

April 17th: World Malbec Day

May 6th: International Sauvignon Blanc Day

May 9th: World Moscato Day. Spread the sweet.

May 25th: International Chardonnay Day

August 14th: International Rosé Day

August 18th: International Pinot Noir Day

September 16th: International Grenache Day

October 23 rd : World Champagne Day

November 7th: International Merlot Day

November 12th: International Tempranillo Day.

November 18th: International Zinfandel Day

December 4th: Cabernet Franc Day

December 20th: Sangria Day