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The objects d’art adorning the walls of Gaj Kesri and Bhanwar Niwas are the creations of the in-house artisans of Rampuria’s Haveli. It is no surprise that their relentless efforts and painstaking carvings have made the place a royal delight. In an exclusive part of Bhanwar Niwas, craftsmen can be seen busy creating new artifacts, making for a rare feast for the eyes. Gaj Kesri, an art hotel on the outskirts of Bikaner, is run by Sunil Rampuria. Gaj Kesri was born in 2005 out of his love for art. He thoughtfully combined it with business so as to create a unique experience for tourists who appreciate the finesse of traditional art work.

The ambience and settings are fit for the Gods. The surroundings are picturesque even as a sense of calmness permeates the atmosphere. In the sandy countryside just outside Bikaner stands the stately Gaj Kesri. Built in the palace style of Rajputana in the Bikaneri vernacular, Gaj Kesri is a tribute to the skills and craftsmanship of the artisans and masons who reside in nearby villages. Surrounded by verdant and well-manicured lawns, the hotel offers traditional grandeur with arty and chic interiors. It is not a five-star resort or hotel, but goes far beyond that. It is relatively smaller, but is certainly chicer and grander. Built on 25 acres of land, Gaj Kesri is a sprawling property with 41 rooms of which 31 are Art Guest Rooms and the remaining 10 are known as Standard Rooms.

Sunil Rampuria, owner of the art hotels Gaj Kesri and Bhanwar Niwas, in talk with Shalini Kumar. Subscribe now to read more about this beautiful, royal Art Hotel.