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Be the first to discover Copper Dog, a brand new handcrafted whisky launching in Asia exclusively at DFS, Singapore Changi Airport.

Created as a tribute to all distillery workers, Copper Dog is a unique blend of no fewer than eight single malt whiskies from the Speyside region, slowly married in old oak casks. Characterised as a versatile and easy-drinking scotch with ripe fruit aromas and a delicate spicy finish, enjoy Copper Dog mixed or neat.

Exclusive Offers:

Enjoy a free tasting of Copper Dog at Singapore Changi Airport, prepared neat or in a Sly Dog cocktail. Available at departure terminals 1 through 4, and arrival terminals 2 through 4.

Get your bottle personalised with your name by a calligrapher in-store. Available at departures terminal 2 from 5-9PM and terminal 4 from 2-6PM every Thursday to Saturday.