From this issue onwards, we are bringing a series named ‘Tales of Drams’ to disseminate information, knowledge and nuances about whisky with our readers. In this series we will be covering few famous names, aromas and flavours of each renowned whisky region. In this issue, we are bringing tales of the whiskies from the Highland region of Scotland for you.

If Christian monks had not brought the secrets of distillation to Scotland around 500 years back, history of Scotch whisky would have been totally different. Scotch whiskies, which are dominating the world of whiskies today, have flowed a long way since then.

We have to give huge credit to the whisky leaders like Tommy Dewar, Johnnie Walker, James Buchanan and James Chivas for making Scotch whiskies a global phenomenon. The promising future of the Scotch whisky is complemented by its illustrious legacy.