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Classic Vs New Age Cocktails

You can’t force change, can only gently guide it.

No Two Cocktails are the Same

A Cocktail Wave Sweeping Across the Country

Cocktails Should be the Right Blend of Emotions

Cocktails With Twists are Favourite

A cocktail should have simple ingredients- Priyanka Kandalkar Mixologist

The urge to try something new every day- Anmol Bhargav Mixologist, Hyatt Regency Pune

New age cocktails are the next level of classical cocktails- Simran Singh Co-founder, Madhushala Bar Academy, Mumbai

Great cocktails are all about balance- Agnieszka Rozenska Head Bartender at The Hong Kong Club, Andaz, Delhi

There is no age to make great cocktails- Prashant Rawalia Beverage Innovation Manager, Monin-North India

Cocktails like fashion, change with the times- Nupur Joshi Mixologist

Ideal cocktails need balance and minimalism- Gisela Dsouza Madhushala Bar Academy

Highball cocktails are the next big thing- Shreyansh Patel Bartender – Qualia, Mumbai