Bihar government’s alcohol ban in Bihar has put a huge load on the judiciary in the state. Already over 200,000 prohibition-related cases, which includes close to 40,000 bail petitions are pending with the Patna High Court. Naturally this has caused a lot of concern in the Patna High Court.

The Patna HC has asked the present Bihar government to explain the details of the infrastructure and mechanism that it plans to develop to address the huge numbers of prohibition-related cases in the state.

The bench of Patna High Court also asked what action had been taken by the Bihar government to pursue those cases filed in the SC which challenged the enforcement of prohibition in the state.

Till date, the number of arrests on charges of violating the Bihar Prohibition and Excise Act, 2016 is 167,000. Besides more than 5 lakh litres of alcohol have been seized in the state.