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Indian labels are as good as the best

Packaging and bottling are key functions of the alcobev industry. Today’s millennial customer is clued in on the latest designs and labels, says Satpal Chaudhry, COO, Khoday India

The preference for packaging and label is really changing. The total focus is on the liquor manufacturing industry because of the availability and creativity of the label and monocarton manufacturers, says Satpal Choudhary, COO, Khoday India. Having recently launched the Peter Scot Black Single Malt Whisky (PSBSMW), he says,“ People are now more concerned with the packaging of the bottles rather than the product itself. It’s not that the product is not important, it is, but people are taking more care on the packaging side to make it more appealing to the eye. This helps the customer to pick up the bottle.” Millennial consumers certainly need something new. No doubt, they look for better product quality which is a subjective decision but the packaging is not so subjective, so the focus has now shifted to packaging, adds Satpal.

He agrees with the premise that innovative designs of labels, cartons and bottles are a must for the consumers. “In fact, we have recently launched our new product PSBSMW and have done our own house packaging but have spent a lot of money on generating innovative ideas to truly reflect the product and the packaging.” He goes on to add that his company is always willing to spend more to get better innovative designs and this applies both to new as well as old products. On how Indian labels compare to foreign brands, he says he doesn’t find any difference in the two. In terms of new ideas, Indian firms have labels, mono cartons and bottled which are as good as the best. “We are trying our best to get new labels and better designs with innovative ideas for our upcoming products.” He reasserts the point that Indian labels, packaging closures etc. can meet local requirements adequately. “In the next few years you will see a drastic change in the packaging system as it is getting better day by day,” he adds.