There is a clear link between alcoholic beverages and gender identity since both younger and older women nowadays tend to reflect their personality by their choice of drink. The alcoholic beverages industry is aware of this factor and tries to incorporate it in its communication strategies, says Deepak Arora, CEO, Som Group of Companies.

There is a strong perception that women as a market segment are influencing the marketing strategy of the spirits industry. Som Group is also following the trend of recent years to persuade women to buy more drinks by creating women-centric product portfolio like White Fox Ready to drink, Woodpecker Lager Wheat Beer, White Fox Vodka, etc.

They are also advertising with a slightly different approach. “We believe that if you want to sell alcoholic beverage drinks to women you have to make your alcoholic beverages sweet,” observes Deepak Arora, CEO, Som Group of Companies.

Talking about visible changes in this category, there is a worldwide demand for light products with less alcohol and less calories, he points out. Spirit producers introduced additional sophisticated products, which are supposed to attract an older group of women who are willing to spend more money on their drinks in order to get better quality, he adds.

Continuing in the same vein, he says that in order to promote alcohol among women in pubs, they organise ‘ladies’ nights’ where liquor is served free to women on given days of the week. Here they serve exclusive Som brands on these days like Woodpecker Lager Wheat Beer, White Fox Premium Vodka, White Fox RTD, etc. White Fox RTD, a pre-mixed flavoured vodka, is being promoted as a brand meant primarily for women, and comes in three flavours orange, lemon & cranberry, he adds.

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