Irish whiskey has been given the geographical indication status by India, which entail that only whiskies produced in Ireland can now use ‘Irish whiskey’ on their labels for the Indian market.

This measure will enable Irish whiskies to compete in the Indian market better and facilitate Irish Whiskey Association (IWA) to take tougher action against fake Irish whiskey products on sale in India. Now the authenticity of Irish whiskey would be reinforced among the Indian consumers.

Last year, the IWA began a significant endeavour to tackle the sale of counterfeit Irish whiskey around the world, which led to the tripling of its legal budget for 2019.

Here it deserves a mention that during 2018, the sales of Irish whiskey in India doubled to reach 34,000 cases. India happens to be the largest whiskey market in the world by volume. The granting of the geographical indication status by India to Irish Whiskey can also adversely affect the market for Scotch in India.