The M-Block market in New Delhi’s very Posh Greater Kailash precinct is now home to Karma-Kismet, a fine dining restaurant created by Tushar Jagota and Chetan Kaushal. Food critic and writer Ritika Lall Chakravartty indulged herself at this elegant eatery and found the experience memorable. Read on..

Chef Deepanker Khosla is known to make magic out of food. To savour some of it I decided to check out Karma-Kismet, the latest new gastronomical hot-spot in New Delhi’s upscale Greater Kailash. My decision to go for Indian cuisine, generally considered heavy, was unusual for a summer evening when something cool and light seemed more appropriate. But at the end of my meal I felt thankful that I had indeed taken the less trodden path.

The restaurant is characterised by happy open spaces. Here lovely aromas float around merrily, flirting with the lucid sounds of sitar, in an inimitable jugal-bandi of Karma and Kismet. The vibrations here were just right, setting me up for what was to be an extraordinary experience of wining and dining.

Karma Kismat
Galauti Kebab

The karma cycle is an infinite loop and as a theme it runs through the restaurant, which is designed on two

Karma Kismat
Bharwan purple potato with Karma nihari gravy

contrasting levels, recognising, perhaps, that everyone has a different Karma, each befitting a distinct style. The first level opens out into a well-lit lounge area, dominated by a Voronoi style backlit bar. The second level spreads around the restaurant’s centerpiece, its see-through kitchen, which offers a tantalising and very appetising peek into the delicacies being prepared.

Karma Kismat
Surya Namaskar Cocktail

Both levels, dining and bar, roll out in unison and converge into a lavish sitting area; the bar features characteristic spiked bar stools, which add to the ambience. The entree includes several uniquely designed and innovative cocktails with surprising names, like Surya Namaskar and Kalyug, guaranteed to titillate the taste buds. Until the liquor licenses come through, expected any day now, Karma Kismet will continue offering its delectable mixes of Indian herbs and spices. The restaurant uses molecular mixology to create new flavours and textures, sure to enhance the overall drinking experience.

Murg Makhni

The dining level is an ultramodern luxe fine-dine space, offering a mouth-watering range of dishes, each a finely curated fusion of culinary traditions that feature global ingredients and are made using modern techniques. Thediverse menu celebrates the goodness of exquisite ever-green recipes and their culinary nuances. Each dish in the restaurant’s wide selection is handpicked and carefully prepared keeping in mind the discerning palates of food connoisseurs. There are separate, lavish sections devoted to appetisers, small plates, main course and desserts. The menu here brings delight to vegetarians and non-vegetarians in equal measure.

Dal karma

Vegetarians may start with Malai Broccoli, Gaulati Ki Kismet, Gulnar Tikka. For non-vegetarian, there are the equally scrumptious kala murghmalai, kakori kebab and kasundi salmon. The star entree in the menu is clearly the bharwan purple potato with karma nihari gravy, a dish that has heads turning even as it makes its way to your table, thanks to its distinctive purple hue and equally unique aroma. If you love your mutton, then do not miss the rogan josh lamb here—it is lip-smacking good. Soft, tender lamb cooked just right with traditional, freshly ground spices, which unleash a medley of unforgettable flavors and tastes.

The dessert section contains a very rich list of enticing choices. But I was so completely sated by then that I ordered nothing but a sweet pan… it was by far the best pan I had ever had in my life. The humble beetle leaf underscored a fact that pretty much defines Karma-Kismet: there is nothing here that is ‘ordinary.’ Take a leaf out of my book and have a meal at this dainty eatery: it could be the best karma you ever do for yourself!

MEAL FOR TWO – Rs.1600
LOCATION -M25, E Block Rd, M
Block, GK II, New Delhi,110048
RATING- 4 on 5