Simran Singh Co-founder, Madhushala Bar Academy, Mumbai

She forayed into the exciting world of bartending and loves the challenges and opportunities this world gave her. Committed to promoting this career option among girls and ladies, Simran believes that women and cocktails go well together.

She hails from an orthodox middle-class family. While she was on the lookout for an exciting and offbeat career path, she was told by friends to join a bartending academy. Simran ventured into this field and gradually found it very exciting and challenging. “I have affinity towards challenges. Moreover, I worked hard, read a few good books, and was mentored by the best in the industry. When I was ready, I disclosed my career path to my family. At that point in time, I had started earning while working as a trainer,” says Simran Singh, Co-founder of Madhushala Bar Academy, Mumbai. She eventually teamed up with her colleague to start this academy in order to encourage more girls to explore bartending as a career.

Simran animatedly shares that she will continue to stay and grow in
this career till she doesn’t stop learning. She goes on to add that it is her
life’s ambition to spread the message of bartending as a career option
across the length and breadth of the country.

On her definition of the right cocktail, Simran says it can be any blend of spirits and flavours, which is palatable and eye appealing. Sharing her  preference for classic and new age cocktails, she quips, “New age cocktails require thorough study. They can only be mastered when we are through with classical cocktails. Tremendous work has been done by the masters, which needs to be practiced first. Someday, I will try my hand at new age cocktails.”

Talking about how she has prepared herself to meet the evolution
of the cocktail scene in India, Simran says, “I have been continually
learning, travelling and exposing myself to new knowledge.”

Simran has never faced any unfair/biased treatment for being a woman and her co-workers and seniors have always been very supportive. As for how she is being treated at the bar, she smiles, “It depends. Mostly people have given me respect, which makes me feel good.”

Sharing her final thoughts on bartending, Simran feels it is all about serving a drink creatively and responsibly.

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