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New Stauning Distillery Opens on August 25th

In Stauning by the windswept west coast of Denmark, the doors will  to one of the world’s most exciting whisky distilleries on August 25 , where the golden liquid will be made in the same way as it was in Scotland, centuries ago.

There will be a grand opening party when  53,800 square feet big and architect designed new distillery in Stauning opens on  August 25th 2018. After official opening of  the new distillery, the   festival venue  will open for about  2,500 festival guests become part of the celebration of the first Stauning Whisky Music Festival.

Sharing this information with Spiritz , Alex Højrup Munch , CEO at Stauning Whisky said,” An amazing building you will not see equaled anywhere in the world. It is an old school modern Danish whisky distillery that makes whisky from scratch. Local grain, floor malted, kiln dried, peated, mashed and fermented on site, and then distilled in 24 open fired copper potstills. These are just some of the features that make this distillery extra special, even worldwide. The design is also unique – Danish architecture at its very best.

Diageo  has  invested more than 10 million pounds in this distillery.