Senser, the alcohol-free botanical spirit brand, has launched three mood enhancing alcohol alternatives.  They are named as Power, Love and Joy. Each of these alcohol alternatives features a “curated blend of botanical ingredients” that is geared to enhance the attribute by which it is named.

Power comprises botanicals such as gotu kola, eleuthero, orange peel, wormwood ginkgo and cacao, which is expected to bring in a state of calm. The ingredients used in Love include hibiscus, rose, bergamot, orris root, passion flower, palmarosa and geraniol, which according to Sensor “produce a state of relaxed serenity”. Joy has damiana, chamomile, schisandra berry, ashwagandha, lemon balm, ginkgo, lemongrass and grapefruit oil; a combination which “clears the mind, energises the body and raises the spirit”.

Here it deserves a mention that this range has no sugar, caffeine, or gluten, and is vegan friendly. It is priced at 33USD per 500ml bottle.