Located at a prime location in South Delhi, the huge liquor showroom of Chitranjan Suri is one of the best and most well-kept stores in Delhi.

Chitranjan with vast 35 years’ experience of the liquor industry gives personal attention to his valuable customers.

The showroom’s vast selection of brands and SKUs in all categories gives it an edge over its competitors.

With a big repeat customer base, the showroom figures amongst the top retailers of lager and imported beers apart from being one of the highest sellers of wines. It is also extremely competitive in other cat- egory sales. Expats and foreign clients love to shop here.

For customers’ convenience, the showroom has been segregated into two divisions. One division serves those customers who come to buy quarts/halves. These customers can easily buy their stuff and check out without even entering the store. The other division is a self-service zone where customers can browse the vast variety of liquors on offer. It showcases wines, single malts and premium products along with one full row dedicated to Indian and imported beers.

Chitranjan’s showroom maintains good working relationship with all the companies, whether big or small.