Connaught Place is emerging as a hub to Deli-belly and a major hangout place in the city.  The place exuberates high energy and it’s becoming a major haunt for the people of all age groups looking for casual, formal and pocket friendly dining options for the , family, friends and foodies. In mid-December 2017,  a new and quirky-named restaurant ‘Tipsy Elephant’ joined the league of an ever demanding and growing appetite of the city’s exciting food joints.

Tipsy Elephant grandly sits and occupies 2000 square-feet area in the pride of Delhi, Connaught Place.  The history of the location and architecture has definitely heightened the value of the place and easy access will surely bring many like me.

So, if you are thinking you are going get a happy ride on some large, decked-up elephant, then you are not wrong. I got a flappy ear, booming welcome. By then, my already merry state had safely extended itself on the café’s couch. I turned around to get the feel and was awestruck by the wall art adorned. The place is nestled to some most striking graffities. It also displays a mood playing gimmicks of lights and brick lined floor, which throws you on open café walk of any European country. I started suspending the disbelief and started complimenting myself for bringing here. The place sneaks you to a European country side café, which smells of old wood, usually a full house with some good jazz playing on the floor. Some lost in their own world, some giggling away, some jiving to some romancing the music. The place felt like an old classic movie.

My dismayed self, who was mentally turning the pages of the classics read, got distracted by the warm smile, standing with the distinctive neon colour graphic menu book. Literally a thin book; I sincerely flipped the pages and read the names that I had ever come across.

Tipsy Elephant proudly boasts about their cocktail and cocktail dishes, which is yet uncommon in food connoisseur circuit.

Names like, Wasabi Aloo Tikki (It’s an Indian Style Potato Patty stuffed with wasabi peas, vermicelli and Puff Bullets) Missi Roti Quesadillas(Veg/Chicken) (From our fusion menu, A Fusion and Mexican Delicacy into Indian twist that serves Quesadillas made of Missi Roti stuffed with Loaded Cheese, Veggies / Chicken mixed in Mexican spices served with Sour Cream and Salsa.)Khow Suey the Curry Soup (Veg / Chicken) (Khow Suey is a one-pot meal with noodles and veggies cooked in coconut milk and garnished with peanuts and fried garlic. )

Tipsy Elephant’s cocktail is quite a geometry to solve, blend of chemicals hard to de-code, and an absolute messy/exciting love triangle of a Bollywood masala movie but unlike movies, which has one protagonist, every ingredient used, plays an equal lead here. All the cocktails are an exotic blend of Fine spirits, Juices, H2O, Herbs, Flavours, ice-cream, salt, sugar and spices. Your meal will not be accomplished, if you have not dived into the plethora of cocktails offered. To name some, which are an absolute must:

On Voi –  a vodka-based cocktail that has infused aam papad magic twist in it.

Firangi – An Urban themed Red & white wine sangria with exotic fruits

Room No. 11 – Tequila based smooth cocktail blended with vanilla ice cream, fresh cream and Chocolate Ganache.

Billion Dollar Mojito – The all-time loved Mojito with a twist of juices and fresh fruits

Benaras – a nutty and naughty affair of pan-based vodka cocktail

Indian Hippie – A Street Side Dessert Cocktail, blended kulfi falooda with dark rum flambe

Bull Fight – A kickass cocktail served in a big glass bowl filled with vodka-based kala khatta and a beer tilted in it.

The place has also tailored its weekly events, live Bands perform on every Wednesday and Friday. Special Sufi Sunset Party every Sunday, where guest indulge in Sangria Sessions at a designer Bar. Thursdays’ are retro of 80’s & 90’s, Saturdays’ are urban and Monday is corporate night.  So, the social fabric is well taken care of.

Mostly the music is on high note, they play from varied genres; Techno, Deep House, Hip Hop, Bollywood – Punjabi Club numbers etc. They also have Certified resident DJ. who guarantees to make you tap your feet.

Interiors of the place is categorically designed for the people who are also looking for private affair, corporate team lunch or dinner,some private family events. The dancing feet and groovy music will not bother the enclosed area. There is a classified private dining area, with an exclusive and prompt service of dedicated staffs. The place has almost 20 feet long table for the guests, with an enclosed glass door. Other side of the place has comfortable couches to sink and some usual teak wood desks, which makes the guests aware of the entire place and an active participant of the weekly events.

A brainchild of restaurateur, Manik and Rajat Kapoor are f the people responsible for making Delhi, a culinary heaven with their utterly popular joints- Gola Sizzlers CP, Rajouri Garden, Gurgoan, Noida, Café Hawkers. Tipsy Elephant is yet another gastronomic promise to the food lovers. Fresh concept and extensive R&D in the menu designing. Food menu is an influence of continental, Indian, Mediterranean and Asian.  A heavenly blend of taste, where nothing looks much out of place.

The place doesn’t dramatize in the presentation much, it’s quite neat, and crisp but it’s the food that has many characters and toothsome flavours.

After much grooving and completely sated with the innumerable cocktails, i definitely made some room for the appetising food from their culinary palate. Ordered prawn dim sums to start with, followed by Rocket leaf orange & honey mustard dressing salad and sole fish Kikkoman chilli glaze. From prawns to salad, to fish every dish was scrumptious and distinguish in taste, nothing overlapped.   Every preparation is delicate, careful, and aromatic.  My ecstatic state was quite full and was on the brim of euphoric note but the manager insisted to have some Indian breads and lamb preparation (Mutton Rarha). Bread wasn’t anything unusual nor was the lamb. Lamb felt a bit chewy and an exercise of the motors. I had to struggled quite a lot, but gravy was the saving grace.

So, I didn’t want finish on the not so happy affair, hence asked for their signature cocktail Indian Hippie – A Street Side Dessert Cocktail, blended kulfi falooda with dark rum flambe.

It’s definitely a promise to a heaven’s gate and an experience that will remain in the fond memories.

Evening unrolled well, food and ambience melted with each other. The food at Tipsy Elephant, is unique, appetizing and definitely worth a try. Their veg and non -veg both have good offerings. Plates are well designed. The place won’t leave a huge dent on your pocket. Portions are good, meal for two can easily be packed to home as well.

Overall, Tipsy Elephant is a great addition to Delhi’s food scene and I can truly vouch their cocktails. Lunch and dinner both are accompanied with a pleasant service, good food and happy space. Their 1+1 happy hour throughout is cherry on the cake. Go ahead get spoilt and come out happy.  Cheers !

MEAL FOR TWO – 1000 to 1200 + Taxes 

Location –  Block – C -11, Mezzanine 9 Floor, Inner Circle, Connaught Place,

New Delhi -110001

RATING-3.5 / 5

Timings – 12:00pm to 12:00am

Must Have –Prawn Hargow, wasabi aalo tikki , chilly chicken bruschetta, Sole Fish Kikkoman chilly glaze , chaplikebbab with curry leaf pesto dip , missi roti Quesadillas , Fusion palter non-veg , rocket leaf orange honey mustard dressing salad.

Indian Hippie – A Street Side Dessert Cocktail, blended kulfi falooda with dark rum flambe.

Room No. 11 – Tequila based smooth cocktail blended with vanilla ice cream, fresh cream and Chocolate Ganache.