From the first week of January 2020, Delhi government’s excise department will sell seized foreign and Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL) at 25 percent discount from government stores in Delhi. The practice till now has been to destroy the stock.  According to an official, the Delhi government has recently approved a proposal regarding this.

However, seized country made liquor wouldn’t be put on sale. The confiscated foreign or IMFL liquors will be first sent to an accredited lab within seven days of their seizure for ascertaining their quality. Bottles approved by the laboratory will be re-sealed and supplied for the sale and spurious or mixed liquor will be destroyed.

After the change in policy comes into force, Delhi will become the first city in the country where seized liquor will be put on sale. According to a news report of a leading daily, the discounted retail price of a particular brand will be decided according to its price prevailing in the state where it was distilled or imported.