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During January-March 2019, the growth of liquor sales in India fell to a six- quarter low. One of the reasons for this could be pre-election related disruptions.
According to the report of a business publication, the sales of whisky, rum, brandy, gin and vodka experienced a discouraging growth of 3 percent year-
on-year during the period, which is much lower than the growth of the same segment during the last quarter of the 2017-18 fiscal. During 2018-19, the spirits sales rose by a modest 8 percent.
The fact that the prices of extra neutral alcohol (ENA) increased by more than 20 percent during the last fiscal as compared to FY18 also contributed to the sluggish growth in liquor sales during the fourth quarter of 2018-19. The extra neutral alcohol is a key raw material of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL). In the fourth quarter of the preceding fiscal, the prices of glass bottles in India too increased.