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Spiritz January 2019 Edition

Packaging can be theater, it can create story. Here is the glimpse of the January Edition of Spiritz. Get your copy now.

  • Packaging meant to communicate a purpose

Packaging creates brand recognition and plays a more important role in consumer decisions than one might think. A product’s packaging communicates many things; from what the product can do for customers,or add to a company’s values. It is argued that that packaging is as important as the product itself because it’s a critical marketing and communication tool for one’s business.

  • Brands with ‘brag value’ find more favour with customers

His company believes that in any area of business, there is nothing like spending ‘more’ or spending ‘less.’ABD has consistently advocated and adopted new packaging technologies and designs across all its brands, reveals Deepak Roy, Executive Vice Chairman, ABD.

  • Indian companies are both creative & competent

Innovation in packaging and labelling is being given increasing prominence to attract consumers. When it comes to unique designs, Deepak Arora, CEO, Som Group, says the company is willing to walk the extra mile.

  • Indian labels are as good as the best

Packaging and bottling are key functions of the alcobev industry. Today’s millennial customer is clued in on the latest designs and labels, says Satpal Chaudhry, COO, Khoday India.

  • Innovate or perish Radico Khaitan’s mantra

Indian packaging and labeling companies have vastly improved over time, says Sanjeev Banga, President – International Business, Radico Khaitan. He, however, feels they have a long way to go if they are to match global standards.

  • Innovation & speed is the name of the game

The innovation bug has well & truly bitten the alcobev industry in terms of labels, packaging and bottling. In the changed scenario, the aspirational consumer wants to flirt with new brands, says industry veteran, Raju Vaziraney, Advisor – Brima Sagar.

  • Modern design backed with a strong brand story spells success

For a company to be successful and stay relevant it is important to stay updated with changing market trends while staying true to what the brand stands for, says Sumedh Singh Mandla, CEO – VBev.

  • Packaging gets our creative juices flowing

Manohar Packaging Pvt Ltd has been a trendsetter when it comes to packaging and labelling. Aditya Patvardhan, Director, says they have always believed in installing the best and youngest proven technology money can buy. But no amount of technology can fix a really bad design, he cautions.

  • Smart labeling will be the next big trend

Winds of change are blowing across the packaging and labeling industry. Brand owners need to become demanding in terms of innovations and quality, says Anuj Bhargava, MD, Kumar Labels.