Chef Satish Kumar Sharma, Pastry Chef, Hyatt Regency- Gurgaon
Chef Satish Kumar Sharma, Pastry Chef, Hyatt
Regency- Gurgaon

Satish Kumar Sharma is a dynamic gourmet specialist who has been making creative desserts for over two decades. Prior to joining Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon, Chef Satish worked as Executive Pastry Chef with Kempinski Grand in Russia. He received his industrial training in bakery and confectionery from Ambassador’s Sky Chef in New Delhi. He worked in some of the finest restaurants in the country before moving to Grand Hyatt, Dubai, from there he moved to its Doha counterpart, which is the second biggest conventional hotel in Qatar. Chef Satish has also worked as Pastry Chef with Park Hyatt, Chennai, and Hilton, Gurgaon.

Vanilla parfait

Caster sugar – 190 g, Egg yolk – of five eggs
Double cream – 250 ml, Vanilla pods – two
To make the parfait, heat the sugar and water in a small saucepan. While the sugar is cooking, begin whisking the egg yolks in a mixer. When the sugar reaches 121°C, pour the sugar onto the whisked yolk and continue to whisk until the mixture is room temperature. Gently whip the double cream with the vanilla, then fold into the egg and sugar. Leave to cool in the fridge. Once cold, roll the parfait mix in cling-film to form cylinders of about 3.5 cm in size. Transfer to the freezer.

Strawberry crumble
Butter – 50 g, Flour – 50 g Ground almonds – 50 g, Caster sugar – 50 g
Brown sugar – 50 g, Chopped strawberries – 10g
Preheat the oven to 180°C or Gas Mark 4. To make the crumble, mix all the ingredients together in a mixer, until combined. Donot overwork the mix. Transfer onto a baking tray and cook for 15–20 minutes until golden brown. Leave to cool, then break it into small pieces.

Strawberry sorbet
Stock syrup – 350 ml, Strawberry purée – 150 ml
Lemon juice – 8 ml
For the strawberry sorbet, mix all ingredients using a hand
blender. Churn in an ice cream machine and keep in the freezer
until needed.

Strawberry jelly
Strawberry purée – 300 ml, Agar agar – 2 g, Gelatin leaves – 2
For the strawberry jelly, heat the strawberry purée, add the agar
and heat to 72°C. Whisk in the gelatin leaves and pour onto an
acetate sheet to a thickness of 2–3mm, then chill in the fridge.
Once chilled, wrap it around the vanilla parfait.
To plate, scatter the crumble around the plate and pipe dots of
the strawberry gel. Arrange two strawberries per place, and one
piece of the parfait and finish with a quenelle of the sorbet.