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The inanities of the mundane life were cast aside the glorious afternoon of 27 January 2019, when a curious few uncommon literati reveled at an unusual Hendrick’s brunch on the pristine environments of The Rajmahal Café, SUJÁN   Rajmahal Palace, Jaipur. While these remarkable individuals were marking their attendance in Jaipur Literature Festival, Hendrick’s and SUJÁN Rajmahal Palace decided to play host to their spectacular feats and oddities, in a most unusual way.

Centered upon the partaking of whimsically marvelous offerings such as Hendrick’s & Tonic with CucumberHot Spiced Apple, The Lesley Gracie and Hendrick’s Gin Buck, in an atypical brunch setting, the sublime titillations were enjoyed by Rajesh Ajmera, Rajeev Arora, Tarang Arora, James Pennefather, Angad Singh Gandhi, Abhilasha and Vipul Bhandariamong others.

Blossoming with joy at the gathering of such well nurtured talent, Payal Nijhawan, Head of Marketing, William Grant & Sons India opined, “The humdrum is for the ordinary, the likes of which are many. The delicious Hendrick’s concoction, with its rose and cucumber infusion, opens the window to the surreal, relished only by the peculiar. We welcome the curious, who seek out that which enlightens, stimulates and amuses them, as our ponderings have made us realize that genuine free thinkers delight in the unusual.”

For those bursting at the edge of ordinariness, the unusual Hendrick’s Gin is infused with the curious, yet marvellous, essences of rose and cucumber, delectably supported by no less than 11 botanicals from the four corners of the world. Created in 1999, this whimsical concoction produces a wonderfully refreshing gin with a delightfully floral aroma.