For a multitude of alcoholic beverage drinkers, a cocktail is a perfectly blended liquid dish to cheer your mood. As a new age bartender, Anmol loves to experiment with fruits, flowers and anything that Chefs use in the kitchen.

Anmol Bhargav has fond memories of being fascinated by spirit when he saw it being poured out in fancy glasses during parties hosted by his father’s colleagues, during his father’s hey days in the army. This curiosity turned into keenness during his internship at one of the five-star hotels where he was given a chance to work in the bar.

It was not smooth sailing for Anmol. His middle-class family still considered alcohol handling a taboo and not a well-appreciated profession. His family opposed his passion to become a bartender. Now, when he looks back he finds that his stubbornness and passion took him to where he is today.

“I relish every day of being a bartender, being able to curate cherished moments for my guests. That is the trophy I take home every day and further fuels me to create something new,” says Anmol. It is a career he loves most and can’t think of retiring from anytime soon.

On his professional goals, he says, “Success has its own meaning for everyone. I see myself as a great bartender and pass on my learnings to those who are stepping into the world of spirits and flavours.”

Sharing his cocktail preferences, he says, “I am a new age bartender and love to experiment with fruits, flowers and anything that chefs use in kitchen, I see them as a unique opportunity to create experiences.However, it is always fun making classics.”

He says with globalisation, India has created the unique urge towards trying something new every day. India, he says, will be the next destination for indigenous cocktails and spirits.

“Sustainability is the key for tomorrow; we at Hyatt drive this religiously. Using paper straws, milk from local farmers, local fruits and flowers, homemade syrups, reusing lemon rind, edible garnish, etc are the present practices I am following at my work place,” he says, before signing off.