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Arundeep Singla is no stranger to India’s brew pub industry. He launched his first entrepreneurial venture, Rock & Storm Distilleries, in 2009. A post-graduate in finance from Australia, his mantra for success is to create strong consumer franchise through quality and innovation along with best practices from global leaders. The Brew Estate is Arundeep’s second entrepreneurial venture. Here he candidly talks about The Brew Estate’s success story, the roadblocks that come in his way of setting up alcobev ventures, and his roadmap for the future among other aspects of the business in a freewheeling chat with Shalini Kumar.

Arundeep Singla says the brew pub industry is a not a sunrise sector in India. Entry of brands like The Brew Estate where quality and innovation are the bedrock for operations, mark a significant step up in the industry. “The combination of fine dining cuisine, great ambience and an ever-changing menu of artisanal beers at The Brew Estate has created a strong consumer franchise in North India region,” he reveals.

Sharing details about his outlets, he says his first outlet was launched in Chandigarh, in 2016. Since then he has expanded the number of outlets to other parts of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal. “We have had significant learnings through our three-year long journey. We are taking these consumer insights to our next phase of expansion to the rest of the country soon,” he informs.

Arun discloses that they have a total of seven outlets spanning three states, namely Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. “We have provided a unique amalgamation of ambience, décor, music, aesthetics and vibes at each of our outlets. Our audience varies with each outlet. For example, Shimla has a steady crowd of local residents and significantly higher number of tourists. Patiala, being a royal city and a student hub, holds young, upwardly mobile consumers.

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