With a simple moto of “Keep it simple silly” the 22 nd outpost of Social in India & 6 th in Delhi, the Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt Ltd (which is behind numerous successful brand like Smoke House Delhi, Salt Water Cafe, etc) is on a mission of making VasantKunj neighbourhood more Social. The VasantKunj Social located on top level of Ambience Mall is built around the concept of wabi-sabi, a Japanese worldview that finds beauty in imperfection and simplicity, and appreciates the ingenuity of nature and its designs. From the eye-catching, ‘demolished’ exteriors that are juxtaposed against the clean lines of Ambience mall, to the foliage all around, every inch of the space is an ode to these principles.

Speaking with Amit Chaabra,the principal designer, the inspiration behind the place, he is quick to point out to the shrinking pockets of green in our capital most of which, is overtaken by the sprawl of concrete & steel that crowd city’s streets. In the ambitious world fueled by constant globalisation, we now seek redemption and places like these which are built around nature are need of the hour.

Every part of this space is based on the concept of anti-design, and stays true to the Social design philosophy of minimal intervention and maximum upcycling. From the entrance, which is inspired by the demolitions of unauthorized buildings, to the gabion bar wall made with rubble from the site itself, we’ve made sure to commit entirely to the vision of finding beauty in imperfection and age.

The intrepid CEO of the group Riyaaz Amlani says “Social is more than just a café – it’s a space for inspiration, a gathering spot for communities. Every Social is unique and is inspired by its surroundings. Social has gone from strength to strength over the last couple of years, and Delhi is a very special city for us. Since Church Street Social, with each new café, we try to push the boundaries of the brand and pay tribute to the community which we serve & we’re excited to be moving in to VasantKunj”.

While they might emphasize simplicity in design, #Social has, as always, gone all-out with the food and libations! Along with classics like the China Box, their (in)famous Paneer Makhani and Butter Chicken Biryani(s), and the 4 Cheese and Sausage Masala Pizza(s), they’re introducing a new way to satisfy your munchies in the form of the LIT Corn Pops (Sriracha Lime or Cheese BBQ flavoured popcorn)!The exhaustive food menu houses virtually all you can imagine from all day breakfast that’s served till 7.30 pm to Purani Dilli’s famous Aslam butter chicken, from Nina aunty’s Mutton Dhansak with brown rice (a Parsi dish) to Thai Massaman curry a section dedicated to Momo’s, Sandwiches & Burgers, Pita Bao& Ladi Pao there’s technically nothing under the sun or in your food fantasy that can’t be granted at Social. When asked the chef, he smiles and say’s – I have a brigade of chefs that work round the clock, on top this most of the food is prepared fresh from the scratch in our kitchen on daily basis.

Of course, there’s no point of munchies without them delish drinks! Their quintessential LIIT takes pride of place on the menu, while crowd favourites like the Thai Maalish (Gin with Kaffir lime & Basil), the home grown Banarasi Patiala, and the Trip on the drip (vodka with schnapps) will keep you dancing all night!To quirk up the party, they’re also introducing the all-new DesiPopstars (frozen alcopops) in classic Indian flavours! A heavy dose of nostalgia is sure to accompany the Keri Me Home, a mix of gin, masala kachikeri, golgappa water and salt; or you might say ‘Imli-ving La Vida Loca’ with tequila, cherry syrup, tamarind syrup, and orange juice!

To indulge in just the right mix of sweet and salty, just Beet It with this mixture of beetroot-infused vodka, ginger juice, orange juice, passion fruit syrup and salt, accompanied by a packet of your favourite chakhna! Vasant Kunj Social, is all set to disrupt the chaos with its minimalist design and verdant greens! It’s time to find the fab in your flaws – take the first step of your flawsome journey at Vasant Kunj Social!