In Nashik, even nature conspires to make for a brilliant wine experience. Using this concept, Vineyard Productions & York Winery get together to take you on a soulful wine ‘Yaatra’ that is guaranteed to blow your mind.

he next time you think of embarking on a soulful ‘Yaatra’ (journey) on the wings of Bacchus, think Nashik. For the wine adherent, Nashik is the region from which this oak-aged Syrah comes, and it is not new to exploration and discovery. It temples have inspired the local devotees as a pilgrimage for thousands of years and the locals have been burning charcoal outside their homes for thousands of years, thus adding to the mystique.
It is this background and context that tempted Master of Wine Liam Steevenson of Vineyard Productions and York Winery of Maharasthra to put on their creative thinking caps to come up with their soulful wine project. For, they say, in Nashik, even nature conspires to make for a brilliant wine experience. Thus was born York’s newest wine ‘Yaatra’.
Here Kailash Gurnani, Chief Winemaker & Director, York Winery Pvt. Ltd tells how Yaatra is made- “The Syrah used for ‘Yaatra’ has been de-stemmed and fermented as whole berries. The fermentation process takes place in stainless steel tanks at temperatures kept deliberately low to preserve the red fruit elements in the wine. The total maceration time on skins is 22 days to extract colour, flavour & tannins.”

“Post-malolactic fermentation, the wine has been allowed to mature in medium toasted French barrels for a period of 13 months. In the same manner, Vineyard Productions, is a unique wine creation agency that utilises space in wineries to create boutique, artisanal
wines that are reflective of the local terroir and indigenous varietals, using traditional and sometimes inventive techniques. A combination of wine-making and marketing talent from around the world gives them the flexible ability to create the unusual. Vineyard Productions uses the global wine knowledge of Master of Wine Liam Steevenson, his viticultural and winemaking know-how and combines it with vineyard and cellar teams local to specific regions.” Despite the warmth of the region, they have managed to make an incredible wine that has come in for praise. Syrah has flex in ripening which other varietals do not and that has given them this ability to work with the cooler, less ripe parcels and make a remarkably fresh and elegant wine. Whole berry ferment, brings out dark berry and black pepper on the nose, and a controlled stainless steel ferment ensures that the palate, although full of fruit, is elegant with gripping acidity and chewy tannins. It is then matured in medium toasted French barrels for a period of 13 months. This is an age-worthy yet smooth & elegant wine with soft tannins not distracting from the up-front fruit concentration. The jewel in the crown, so to speak, is the fact that a percentage of every bottle sold goes to The Jungle Crows Foundation, a social development organisation that supports children and young people as they grow
and develop in some of the poorest parts of India. The Jungle Crows implement sporting opportunity to socially disadvantaged communities, most of whom would not normally have the chance to take part in any organised sporting activity.